At 2600 meters above sea level, Europe's highest open-air games will take place for the third time in summer 2019. With a magnificent view of the Matterhorn, another emotional and gripping story will be told on Riffelberg.


The performances will take place from 11 July 2019 to 1 September 2019, always from Thursday to Sunday.
On Sundays the performances are always at 15:00, otherwise at 19:30. The performance on 1 August also takes place at 15:00. A total of 31 performances are planned on the open-air stage.
Tickets with or without accommodation and vouchers are now available online.

Categories and prices

Normal price:
Classic CHF 94 - *
Premium CHF 124 * incl. programme booklet (places in the first rows)

Children (born 2003 or later) :
Classic CHF 51 - *
Premium CHF 64.00 * incl. programme booklet (places in the first rows)

People in wheelchairs:
Classic CHF 94.00*
1 accompanying person free of charge

* incl. train journey Zermatt - Riffelberg return


The play is trilingual. The play speaks Walliser German, English and High German.
Our French, Italian and Spanish speaking guests have the possibility to obtain a free audio guide.

Bad weather

The open-air games in Zermatt take place in the open air. It can happen again and again that the weather allows itself one or the other fun. But as an open-air theatre we are tough and play for our audience even when the weather conditions are not ideal.

However, if the weather does not permit a performance, we will inform you on the day of the performance from 13.00 or 11.00 (Sundays and 1 August).
In this case tickets can be rebooked for one of the remaining performances. A refund of the ticket price is not possible.

If the performance is cancelled, the following rules apply:
If the performance is cancelled in the first half of the performance (i.e. before or during the first 45 minutes), then the performance is considered "not played" and accordingly you as a spectator are entitled to a visit on another date (subject to availability).
If the performance is cancelled in the second half of the performance (i.e. after the first 45 minutes), the performance is considered "played" and the tickets lose their validity accordingly.

Journey with the Gornergrat Railway

Rail journeys Thursday to Saturday:
(performance begins: 19.30 h, performance ends: approx. 21.00 h)

Zermatt - Riffelberg
17.24 hours from - 17.47 hours to
18.24 hrs from - 18.47 hrs to

Gornergrat - Riffelberg
18.18 hrs from - 18.30 hrs to

Riffelberg - Zermatt
9.20 p.m. from - 9.47 p.m. to
21.38 hrs from - 22.05 hrs to
22.48 hrs from - 23.15 hrs to

Sunday train rides:
(Start of performance: 15.00 h, end of performance: approx. 16.30 h)

Zermatt - Riffelberg
13.12 hrs from - 13.35 hrs to
13.36 hrs from - 13.59 hrs to
14.00 hrs from - 14.23 hrs to
14.24 hrs from - 14.47 hrs to

Riffelberg - Zermatt
16.34 hrs from - 17.03 hrs to
16.51 hrs from - 17.20 hrs to
17.30 hrs from - 17.59 hrs to
18.30 hrs from - 18.59 hrs to

The train ticket is valid for the entire performance day.